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Lighting Maintenance

Building Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance includes inspecting all interior lighting fixtures for non-working fixtures, and then replacing lamps and bulbs and worn out or malfunctioning ballast units if necessary. It then follows with environmentally responsible disposal of all worn out materials per applicable local, state and federal guidelines for hazardous waste.

Need Help With Regular Lighting Maintenance?

Do you have any of the following problems in your building?

  • Flickering Lamps
  • Burned Out Bulbs
  • Slow to Start Fixtures
  • Dark Lighting Fixtures
  • Noisy Lighting Fixtures
  • Dimly Lit Areas

Advanced Cleaning Services can professionally fix these issues for you. We have lighting technicians available to assist you with interior lighting projects, from a simple relamping to a complete ballast replacement.

Lighting maintenance is available on an as needed basis or as part of a full building maintenance contract.

We want you, your customers, and staff to be safe, successful, and proud of your facility and it's appearance!

Services Include:

  • Interior lighting maintenance
  • Group relamping
  • Lamp recycling
  • Lighting fixture cleaning
  • Service can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs

Additional Services Available:

  • Ballast installation
  • Lamp replacement services
  • Exit Sign lighting bulb replacements with long lasting LED bulbs

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Grounds Cleaning


Policing Grounds

Policing grounds includes systematically picking up litter and trash from around buildings and is performed on a regular schedule.Grounds Clean Up Services

Are your Grounds looking trashy?

Do your Chicago area building grounds or retail parking lots and sidewalk areas have problems with unsightly garbage, littering, or just look trashy? Do you know what impact this has on store sales, tenant lease renewals, and the reputation of your company? We can help you with this image problem by providing regular parking lot and grounds cleaning services to keep the areas looking professional for your tenants, visitors, and residents. We can also empty on site trash containers before they overflow. We do this with professional, uniformed and trained staff.

The bottom line is that we will take care of your grounds just like YOU want, just like a building owner would want, we want you to be successful and proud of your facility and it's appearance.

Services Include:

  • Picking up litter on grounds, parking areas and sidewalks
  • Regular sweeping of refuse areas, loading docks, etc.
  • Emptying sidewalk trash containers
  • Professional, uniformed cleaning techs at your service
  • Service can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs

Additional Services Available:

  • Powerwashing sidewalks, awnings, fascades, drive thru's
  • Lamp replacement services
  • Window washing services
  • Vacant unit cleaning services
  • Warehouse, Refuse, and Loading Dock sweeping and deep cleaning

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Office Cleaning Services

Chicago Office Cleaner

Advanced Cleaning Services employees are trained to exceed exceptionally high standards. Our fully trained and carefully supervised cleaning technicians delivers a complete janitorial services solutions to our Chicago area clients. Our average cleaning technician has over 10 years of on the job experience.

Advanced Cleaning Services offers a full suite of janitorial solutions to meet the needs of your facility. Our clients have found  Advanced Cleaning Services  delivers a level of expert, professional, responsive and dedicated excellence unmatched in our industry.

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  • Cleaning and Related Services
    • Contract Cleaning
    • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation
    • Day Matrons, Porters and Attendants
    • Dry and Wet Mopping
    • HEPA Vacuuming
    • Blind Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Low and High Dusting
    • Refuse Removal
    • Advanced Cleaning Services  Green Cleaning Program:
      • Sustainable Cleaning Processes and Procedures
      • Certified Sustainable Chemicals Products, Tools, and Equipment
      • Custodial and Sustainability Effectiveness Assessments
      • Continuous Improvement Training for All Associates
      • Implementation Strategies and Experience-based Best Practices
      • Experienced and Certified Account Managers
      • Comprehensive Communications with Clients: Text, Email, Online Surveys, Phone, Log Books, etc.
      • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring
      • Recycling Programs
      • Filter Changing
      • Quality Control Documentation, Tracking, and Auditing
      • Procedural Posters, Educational Materials and Visual Aids
      • Eligible for LEED-EB Operations and Maintenance Certification Points: Meets Green Cleaning Pre-requisite
      • DFE (Designed For Environment) compliant products
    • Carpet Care: State of the art Enzyme based carpet cleaning process available
    • Floor Maintenance: We are Chicago's Hard Floor Care Experts
    • Floor Restoration: Terrazzo, Marble, Stone, VCT, etc.
    • Window Washing
    • Light Fixtures: Lamp Replacements and Ballast Replacements
    • Grounds and Parking Lot Policing
    • Post Construction Clean-up: Guaranteed Dust Free, Smudge Free, Streak Free
  • Janitorial Supplies Provider: We inventory, deliver, and stock your paper, soap, and chemical supplies for you
  • Outstanding On and Off site Management
  • Expert Operations Support
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Improved Quality and Safety
  • State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment
  • ACSI's Automated Work Order System
  • ACSI's Remote Security and Timekeeping system
  • Quality Assurance and Reporting


Chicago Hard Floor Care Experts

Hard Floor Care

Do you need a regular contract for Professional Floor Cleaning Services?


Get first-class floor cleaning including floor stripping, waxing and polishing

Professional floor cleaning is essential for prolonging the life of your floors and keeping them looking like new. Advanced Cleaning Services provides contract office floor cleaning services to help ensure that even your highest traffic areas are kept looking great. Minimize the impact of wear and tear, prevent nicks and scratches, and maintain shine with Chicago area's best and most professional floor waxing and cleaning services.

From apartment building foyers to corporate lobbies to cafeterias, our high quality cleaning techniques and janitorial products will help your floors last longer and keep your facility looking spotless.

Advanced Cleaning provides clients with contracts for cleaning for regular hard floor care services. We service clients interested in REGULAR, contractual hard floor care and are willling to sign a service agreement for these services.

Contact Advanced Cleaning Services today to inquire about our professional floor cleaning services for the following surfaces:

  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl (VCT)
  • TIle
  • Ceramic
  • Cement
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Terrazzo
  • No Wax Floors (VAT)

Whether you need high-speed polishing, waxing and sealing, the specially trained experts at Advanced Cleaning Services will get the job done right.  For more information on our customized office floor cleaning and waxing services, please request a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or feel free to call us at 630-963-5747. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Some Floor Cleaning Basic Terminology:

  • Daily Cleaning and Maintenance - includes vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, routine cleaning of the floor, typically with pH neutral solutions.
  • Machine Scrubbing - uses a autoscrubbing machine to wash and scrub the floor for a better clean, could be used in a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Strip and refinish - Although vinyl, stone, linoleum and hardwood floors can be extremely durable, they require proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and luster. Advanced Cleaning Services can perform floor stripping, refinishing and sealing services to restore the look of your floor surface and make them appear as good as new. Without proper maintenance, vinyl and linoleum floors lose their sheen. These types of floors can develop wax buildup and an unsightly yellow discoloration. This dingy film coupled with deep scratches and abrasions acts like a magnet that attracts even more dirt and grime. ACSI can remove your floor's old sealer, reseal it with a high-quality sealer or wax and buff the surface to a sparkling shine. This cleaning and refinish will extend the wear of your floor, reduce marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion.
  • Scrub and Recoat - This service is used to keep high traffic areas protected and shiny in between complete strip and refinishes. This process combines cleaning the floor, using a autoscrubber to scrub the floor and applying about coat of finish to restore the luster to the floor and extend the time between complete stripping and refinishing saving you money without sacrificing quality and appearance.
  • High Speed Buffing / Burnishing - High speed buffing provides many advantages to protecting your floor as well as enhancing its appearance. High speed buffing will bring a beautiful shine to the floor and while doing so it hardens the wax coating creating a more durable, better looking, mirror like finish floor. Advanced Cleaning services uses the best machines and chemicals to bring a great shine to your floor while giving added protection and extending the life of the floor and finish. Routine buffing should be a part of every floor maintenance plan.
  • Tile and grout cleaning - Advanced Cleaning Services is a tile and grout specialist. If your tile and grout looks worn or dirty, if you are not sure how to clean it or if it can be. If you have tried and are not happy with the results, before ripping it out or going crazy scrubbing give us a call for aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We have the latest and greatest chemicals and equipment that will get all tile and grout looking new again.
  • Natural Stone Floor Cleaning and Sealing - Preserve the beauty of your natural stone floors with professional cleaning and sealing from Advanced Cleaning Services. Let our floor refinishing team clean and seal your terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, slate and other natural stone floors to remove soil, build up, and old finishes. If applicable, we will finish the job with a tough sealer that will withstand penetration of water, oil and dirt.

Trust your floor stripping, refinishing and sealing needs to the experts at Advanced Cleaning Services. For more information on our customized floor cleaning and waxing services, please request afree estimateor feel free to call us at 1-630-963-5747. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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